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new slang when you notice the stripes

2 July
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one step inside doesn't mean you understand.
25th hour, aaron cometbus, alt. country, androgyny, anti racism, anything by jim jarmusch, art, awkward color combinations, banana yoshimoto, birds, bjork, black eyes, blonde redhead, blue and orange, breaking hearts, broads, broken social scene, but i'm a cheerleader, chelsea walls, chinese opera, color theory, concentric circles, cream soda, cursive, dance parties, dancing, dead man, death cab for cutie, denver, devendra banhart, down by law, dreaming, earth balance, ee cummings, elliott smith, emo, ethical sluthood, falling in love, farewell my concubine, fashion, fashion photography, feminism, figure drawing, frank sinatra, frida kahlo, gender queer, getting dolled up, good sex, graffiti, griffin and sabine, having long nails, high heels, hipster shoes, hopeless romantic, horses, ima robot, indie, insult wars, italy, joanna newsom, judy garland, kissing, lachapelle, letting go of resentment, liza minelli, lucero, mail art, make-up, making out, meeting you, milemarker, minus the bear, modest mouse, moulin rouge, murder by death, musicals, my one true love, neutral milk hotel, nick hornby, non-monogamy, okkervil river, oscar wilde, painting, philadelphia, photography, piercings, piet mondrian, poetry, polka dots, portraits, pranks, pursuing, q and not u, queer, reclaiming romance, records, ridiculously big earrings, romance, romantic suicide, root beer, rufus wainwright, sage francis, scarface, sewing, singing, spoon, stencils, svankmajer, swingsets, the 80s, the arcade fire, the breakfast club, the decemberists, the good life, the great gatsby, the postal service, the rocking horse winner, the shins, the unicorns, the white stripes, true love, typewriters, ugly hot, unicorns, vegetarian, waking life, wilco, windows, writing, writing letters, yeah yeah yeahs, your heart